How does RateSnag work?

RateSnag is not an Insurance Agency – RateSnag is not an Insurance Company and… RateSnag doesn’t cost you anything.

The OLD way to buy Insurance:

  • In order to guarantee the best rate, you must contact 5-6 different insurance agents for a quote.
  • Each call takes up to 20 minutes and you repeat the same information over and over.


  • You contact an on-line company who provides you with an “estimate” and then proceed to sell your information to a third party.
  • This process wastes a lot of time and typically opens you up to being bombarded with unsolicited phone calls.

The NEW way with RateSnag:

We shop local for  you, at no cost to  you.
  1. Five Minute Consultation identifying coverage needs and discounts: You make ONE call to RateSnag (or chat, or contact form)
  2. Ratesnag shops LOCAL agents from national companies FOR YOU: A RateSnag representative works with you using the 5- minute consultation”,  identifying policy needs and potential  discount opportunities
  3. Ratesnag presents you withthe best 3 – 4 options: RateSnag then contacts LOCAL insurance agents in your area and finds you the best 3-4 options within hours
  4. You select the local agent and company you want: You choose the option that best fits your needs
  5. Ratesnag connects you with the LOCAL agent to finalize your policy: RateSnag connects you directly with that local agency to secure coverage – No unsolicited calls – no hassle